Our Approach

CrownWheel collaborates with healthcare companies, academic institutions and inventors to structure financing solutions that create long-term value for both its partners and investors. We invest globally across the spectrum of commercial stage assets, from launch through loss of exclusivity, and in select cases will consider pre-approval stage investments.

We provide creative and flexible structures to meet each partner’s unique financing needs. These structures may include one or more of the following features:

  • Royalty interest monetization: Purchase of a partial or entire royalty stream from an individual, institution or healthcare company
  • Revenue participation: Creation of a new royalty interest based on a revenue stream as a form of non-equity financing
  • Structured credit: Debt securities that are secured against product royalties or revenues
  • Equity: Purchase of equity or equity-linked securities in conjunction with a royalty investment
  • Product acquisitions: Purchase of legacy products from companies divesting non-core assets

CrownWheel’s investments provide access to non-dilutive capital for a variety of activities, including research and development, acquisitions, commercial expansion, and funding working capital needs. 

Our healthcare focus and relationship with the team at Longitude Capital provides access to over 100 years of relevant life sciences industry experience in investing, operations, strategy and business development, scientific research and healthcare investment banking.

Please contact Sandip Agarwala at sagarwala@crownwheelpartners.com if you have an opportunity you would like to discuss.